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Criminal Law

Let the experience of Julian S. Mack and JoAnn G. Mack provide a strong criminal defense your case. We deal with such issues as domestic violence, fraud, and thefts.

Traffic Issues

For traffic issues, you need representation in court to eliminate or reduce the impact of speeding tickets, accidents, or license suspension. We put our extensive knowledge and experience to work for you.

DWI Defense

If you’ve been convicted of drunk driving or other DWI offenses, you’ll need an effective defense attorney by your side. Let our law office assist you in your case.

Member of the North Carolina 15 Bar

Who We Are

Law Office of Mack & Mack, based in Chapel Hill, North Carolina, has more than 40 years of combined experience with providing legal services. We are attorneys who specialize in criminal defense law cases, involving domestic violence and fraud. We also work to lessen our client’s impact from traffic issues such as speeding tickets and drunk driving.

Contact our law office in Chapel Hill, North Carolina, for criminal defense services.